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5th Grade Mathematics and Science

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Courses Taught:5th Grade Mathematics and Science 





Hello Parents,

I am Lauren Saxton and I will be teaching 5th grade Math and Science this year! I am from Flora, Ms and graduated from Tri-County Academy. I received my bachelors degree in Elementary Education from Delta State University. This is my seventh year at Linwood Elementary. I am really excited about this school year and seeing how much further your child and I  can grow in our Math and Sciencelessons. I have high expectations for my students this year and I know they will do a wonderful job.  I will keep you updated throughout the year on all of our goals and expectations to make this a successful school year for all of us. I will be preparing your child for the MAAP test. I look forward to talking to all of you throughout the year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at any time. Also, we have a new house system in place. I am part of the black house, ALTRUISMO!!! 


Lauren Saxton

Class Schedule:

Ms. Saxton's 2020-2021 Schedule 


7:40-8:10    Breakfast

8:15-9:05    Specials

9:10-10:40  5-1 Math   

10:40-10:50 5-1 Science   

10:55-11:25    Lunch

11:30-12:20  5-1 Science   

12:25     *Change classes* 

12:30-1:20     5-2 Math

1:20-1:40     Recess

1:40-2:20    5-2 Math

2:25-3:25 5-2 Science


Wednesday/Friday Schedule

7:40-8:10  Breakfast

8:10-9:25  Specials

9:25-10:55 5-1 Math

10:55-11:25  Lunch

11:25-12:25  5-1 Science

12:25 *Change classes*

12:30-1:20  5-2 Math

1:20-1:40  Recess

1:40-2:20  5-2 Math

2:25-3:25 5-2 Science



Tuesday- Computer 

Wednesday- Library

Thursday- Character Ed. 

Friday- HEalth/P.E.

Supply List: 



Expo markers

Notebook paper



Clorox wipes 


Common Core Sheets 

IXL Math 

Khan Academy 


MAAP State test practice 




Ms. Saxton's Announcements

Hey students! I miss you all. We will get through these tough times together! If you need any help at all with the packets, please email me or Facetime me! I am getting a Zoom site prepared so we can do math lessons together next week. Do your best! As always, I BELIEVE IN EACH OF YOU!! I love you!