Ms. April Ketchum



Courses Taught:


April Ketchum


My name is April Ketchum.  I have lived in Yazoo County my entire life. I have two beautiful daughters who attend Manchester Academy.  Makenzie is 16 and Aubree is 8. My hobbies include reading, spending time with my family, and cooking. This is currently my 8th year to teach here at Linwood Elementary, and I look forward to working with your children! Let's have a fantastic 2020-2021 school year! We are "True Blue!"


Associate of Fine Arts Degree: Mississippi Delta Community College 2007

Bachelor's of Science Degree in Elementary Education K-6: Mississippi College 2009


This is my eighth year to teach at Linwood Elementary.

Class Schedule:

Tuesdays and Thursdays:

7:30-8:00    Breakfast

8:00-9:30    Language Arts

9:30-10:30  Centers

10:35-11:05   Lunch

11:05-11:35   Social Studies

11:35-12:35    Math

12:35 - 1:20    Centers

1:20-2:10    Character Ed(T) Health (Th)

2:10-2:30    Recess

2:30-3:00    Science

3:00-3:25    Quiet Time


Wednesdays and Fridays

All the same through Math and then:

12:35-12:50     Recess

12:50-2:05     Library (W) PE (F)

2:05-2:45         Center Time

2:45-3:15         Science

3:15-3:25        Quiet Time



Kindergarten Supply List

*** Please label all supplies***

1 Large Backpack


1- Extra set of school clothes to keep in class

1- Plastic School Box 

1- 1 inch 3 ring binder with plastic cover on front and back 

1- Round Tip Scissors 

3- Plastic Folders without Prongs 

Lg Hand Sanitizer 

Lg Clorox Wipes 

2- Kleenex 

1- baby wipes 

1- Pink Pearl Eraser 

1- Primary Writing Tablets: PreK - 1st grade or 5⁄8 in ruling 

2- 12 Pack Crayons 

5- Glue Sticks 

1- Copy Paper 

4- Dry Erase Markers 

5 packs of pencils


Florida Center for Reading Research

An amazing resource to use for any struggling reader! 


Fun informational games by grade level. 


Helpful when learning the alphabet and sounds