About the School


Linwood Elementary School is situated in a rural section of Yazoo County in Vaughan, Mississippi. Linwood serves student in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. The old school structure was erected in 1958. In 2003, renovations were made to the existing structure along with an additional section which houses the administrative and counselor’s office and kindergarten and first grade classrooms.


Our Vision

The vision of Linwood Elementary School is to be an educational institution where upon completion of fifth grade every student will be proficient in literacy, mathematics, and equipped with 21st century skills that meet all of the MS College and Career-readiness Standards. Students will be primed with the skills necessary to continue in their development of citizenship, character development, and teamwork to afford them the opportunity to compete in a global society throughout their life endeavors.

Mission Statement

The mission of Linwood Elementary School is to provide individualized instruction that meets the needs of each student to ensure that all students achieve academic excellence in a safe and secure environment through the support of faculty, parents, and community members.