Acceptable Proofs of Residency

Required documents: (1) Group I and (1) group II within the registering parent/guardian name. If this is not applicable (1) Group I, (1) Group II, an Affadavit, and (3) Group III documents.

Group I

A. Filed Homestead Exemption Application Form

B. Mortgage Documents or Property Deed

C. Apartment or Home Lease

D. Rental Agreement-Must Be Notarized

E. E-911 Information. Address: 211 East Broadway Street Yazoo City, MS 39194

Group II

Current Utility Bill within 30 days of enrollment



*Landline Phone

*Cable/Satellite TV

Group III

A. Student lives with legal guardian and has a certified copy of the court decree

B. A Notarized Affadavit will be needed if the custodial parent does not own or rent residential address.

     1. Non-custodial adult must prove residency with Group I and II documents

     2. Custodial parent must present (3) of the following dated within 30 days of enrollment:

          a. Doctor's or Dentist Bill

          b. Bank Statement

          c. Credit Card Statement

          d. Cell Phone Bill

          e. Insurance Policy

          f.  State or Federal Benefit Check

          g. Salary Check Stub

          h.  IRS Documentation

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