Hayley Drennan Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

Grade Teacher's Name
K Ketchum
1 Middleton
2 Purvis
3 Scott
4 Ware
5 Smith
Grade Teacher's Name


1 Green
2 Alias
3 Saxton
4 Christmas
5 Moton

** If you have a question for the librarian, please contact Mrs. Drennan.  The best times to call are Monday and Wednesday after 2:45pm and Friday before 10:45am.  Thank you!

Librarian's Class Schedule*:

7:45-8:45 2nd Grade

9:15-10:15 Kindergarten

10:20-11:20 1st Grade

11:35-12:35 3rd Grade

12:40-1:40 4th Grade

1:45-2:45 5th Grade

*This schedule is for Monday and Wednesday.