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Dewayne Profit Staff Photo

Other Class Info


I am Mr. Profit, the new Health/PE teacher at Linwood Elementary School. We are off to a great start in our Health/Physical Education class. I am planning to bring a lot of fun and excitement to this class while the students learn about Health Education and Physical Education. In health, students will start the year off by learning about personal hygiene that includes: hand washing procedure, germs, cover your cough and sneeze, brushing teeth, washing clothes, & bathing. This is a broad topic that will be covered over the next month.

This Year’s Activities!


At the K-2 level, students will be receiving instruction in basic locomotor movements (run, walk, skip, gallorp, sliding, hop, jump), beginning jump rope, rhythms, ball skills (throwing, catching, kicking), and fitness. A variety of equipment is used to aid in instruction, including parachutes, balls, bean bags, and ropes. At the 3—5 level, there is great emphasis placed on sportsmanship, rules and procedures, and learning how to properly play different team sports. Students will also engage in lessons on catching, kicking, manipulating objects, rhythms, fitness, cooperative activities, and playing low organized games and developing strategies to be successful.


If there are any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.


**Reminder-Please make sure students have proper paperwork for usage of asthma pumps for class in case of emergency. Students can bring personal bottles of water, gatorade, or powerade for gym class only. Juices or sodas of any kind are not allowed. Students will also need proper shoes for gym class. Uniform Shorts are recommended.

Students PE schedule:

Ketchum-Kindergarten (Wednesday)

Scott 3th , Middleton 2nd, Green 1st, Watkins 5th, & Saxton 4th (Thursday)

Heine 2nd, Lynch 3rd, Golden 4th, & Moton 5th (Friday)