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Accelerated Reader
AR Bookfind

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

This website allows students to search for books in the Linwood Elementary School Library.

Special Instructions: When you click on the link, Select "Display" next to Linwood Elementary School.


Mississippi Alliance for Gaining New Opportunities Through Library Information Access

Mississippi Library Commission
Mississippi Library Commission

Library Bill of Rights
Library Bill of Rights › ADVOCACY › Intellectual Freedom

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eBooks are now available! There are 10 books to choose. To access the books, click the link and enter the username and password. The ebooks are listed below with their AR information.




  • Australian Cattle Dogs by Paige V. Polinsky; AR Quiz #183019; Reading Level 4.3; AR points 0.5
  • Becoming a Butterfly by Grace Hansen; AR Quiz #182796; Reading Level 2.1; AR Points 0.5
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Best Story Ever by Tim Seeley; AR Quiz #176224; Reading Level 3.9; AR Points 0.5
  • Chameleons by Leo Statts; AR Quiz #185500; Reading Level 1.5; AR Points 0.5 (Read-to-Me eBook)
  • The Fire Station by Julie Murray; AR Quiz #182789; Reading Level 1.0; AR Points 0.5
  • Lego Manufacturers: The Kristiansen Family by Lee Slater; AR Quiz #179687; Reading Level 4.9; AR Points 0.5
  • Native Americans: Pueblo by Katie lajiness; AR Quiz #183050; Reading Level 4.2; AR Points 1.0
  • Super Simple Experiments with Forces: Fun and Innovative Science ProjectsNo AR Information
  • United States Presidents: Theodore Roosevelt by Tamara L. Britton; AR Quiz #183668; Reading Level 4.5; AR Points 0.5
  • Carlos and Carmen: The Yummy Mistake by Kirsten McDonald; AR Quiz #184030; Reading Level 2.6; AR Points 0.5 (Read-to-Me eBook)

Online Games and Websites
Storyline Online

This wonderful website features a variety of celebrities that read their favorite books!  Each video brings the book to life.  Many of these books are AR books as well.  More books are added every few months, so visit this site ofted to see what is new.


This is a FREE website for teachers.  This is an Emmy award winning netflix show that is also a very fun and educational website.  The episodes of StoryBots are very engaging and fun!  Parents can join the site for a small fee as well.  Check this website out!  You will be glad you did!